Useful Information | 7° Simpósio Brasileiro de Geologia do Diamante – Salvador – Bahia – 2018

Useful Information


The official time in Salvador is the same one used by the federal capital, Brasília, three hours less than the Greenwich Meridian (GMT-3).

Potable water

It is not advisable to drink tap water. Always   drink mineral water sold in supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores and the like.


The voltage of Salvador is 110 volts. When requested, most hotels provide transformers to visitors who have different voltage devices, such as 220 volts.

The current Brazilian electrical plug standard has 3 (three) pins.

Health and Medical Assistance

Emergency Mobile Assistance Service (SAMU) – Tel .: 192.

Foreign visitors must, prior to travel in their country of origin, acquire medical care with international coverage.

Visa and Passport

Visitors from countries belonging to Mercosur must have only some identification. For tourists and visitors from other countries it is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 06 (six) months.

Public transportation

Salvador has about 3,300 public buses and one subway. In addition to the public transportation system, Salvador offers tourists other private transportation services made by special buses with guides and bilingual drivers.


Salvador has a fleet of approximately 7,000 taxis that circulate throughout the day in the city, serving local people and tourists. The price is reasonable and the cars are comfortable (Source: Union of Taxi drivers of Bahia).

Restrictions on Smokers

In Salvador, legislation is strict and smoking is not allowed indoors.


Giving tips in Salvador is optional. The amount generally applied is 10% of the total of the account.


  • If you need police assistance, please contact the Tourist Protection Office – DELTUR and the Military Police – CIA Tourist Police, with offices located in the Historical Center of the City. These agencies have qualified people capable of dealing with any threat to the safety of the tourist;
  • Do not exchange currency with unknown people. Go directly to the bank branches or exchange offices;
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and carry lots of money with you;
  • It is not advisable to keep your passport with you at all times, especially if you go to the beach. In case of loss notify the police immediately;
  • Only use taxis services from accredited companies.